Frequenty Asked Questions

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Can I get discounted software subscriptions as a student?

Yes! There are many subscriptions you can get that are specifically for college students. Some examples include:

1) Amazon Prime [Normal price = $9 a month or $140 a year] Discounted price = $6.49 a month or $59 a year

2) Spotify [Normal price=$10 per month] Discounted price = $5

3) Adobe Creative cloud [Normal price= $50 per month.] Discounted price = $20


Job Listings

How often are jobs updated on this page?

The page is constantly updated with new jobs that are made available to you within 100 miles of the Parkersburg area


Can I set up an appointmnet with my professor?

Yes! Check out the link for your professor and you will see the available times they have available. Set up a time, and wait for the professor to confirm the date.


What jobs are available with the program I choose?

Select a program and read the details provided. Scroll down more and you will see a list of different job opportunities made available to you with this job.