Free Resources Page

Written by citcs

August 10, 2022

Have you ever had someone request a Microsoft file be converted into a PDF? You think this should be as simple as changing the extension to a .pdf, but you attempt this and find that now the file is unrecognizable? There are tools that can help you solve this very issue for free! Check out the Free Resources page, where you will be exposed to a ton of resources we use in the technology industry to solve trivial problem such as these.

As a WVUP student, you will gain access to normally paid for software which can be very beneficial for learning hands on. Software such as virtual machines, entire Operating systems, and much more will be provided to Computer programs students. As a college student, companies will give you discounts simply by having a .edu account. Something like Amazon Prime is offered to students at half price! The Adobe cloud membership is another great tool which can give you editing software such as Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, and more for only $20 a month, $40 cheaper than the normal $60 offered to normal users.

Join one of the discord groups, where students will be able to talk with fellow classmates, along with peers who have already taken the class. You can setup study rooms, get help to specific problems, and be reminded of due dates that are coming up. You will find that after your professor, your peers are your greatest asset. Try joining today.

WVUP has partnered with CompTIA, a leading IT certification industry that offers globally recognized certs such as the Network+, A+, and more. With a certification, you will become verified in having knowledge in the certification of choice. This verification can help you stand out on job’s, with some job’s even requiring users to have completed the A+ as a bare minimum. As a WVUP student, you will be given a discount on all test vouchers.

Under the Computer Science resources, you will be shown plenty of resources widely available to you such as IDE’s, photo converters, royalty free photos, and much more! There are some tools you wouldn’t even think of, such as the eyedrop tool extension which can take any color and give you the RGB value for it. This can be used to steal colors you like, or to test changes that you made which should have been applied.

Under the Computer Information Technology section, you will be given resources such as Ninite, which is a repo full of free software in a safe manner. Want to download something such as I Tunes, Google Chrome, etc., without fear of clicking a false link? This can all be done on Ninite for free!

The free resources are always being updated with new content all the time, so check it out periodically to see if there is something you can use.