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Azure Dev Tools

Get access to normally paid for Microsoft software for free when enrolled in the Computing programs at WVUP. In order to get qualified, you must message the current professor in charge of facilitating the verification process. Once verified, you will obtain access to software such as Visio, Windows 10 Student edition, Windows server, Azure, etc. There are plenty of operating systems that can be used in combination with virtual machine such as VMware to get some really great hands on experience!

VMware IT Academy

With virtualization software such as VMware, you can use software instead of hardware to deploy apps such as Linux, Apple, or Windows 10. Each virtual machine is highly customized, and you will be able to alocate how much CPU or RAM you want to use per instance.   As a WVUP Computing student, you will obtain access to this normally paid for app for free. Get all the hands-on experience you want without the extra expenses!

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Discord Groups 

Join a discord group and gain access to:

  • Study groups
  • Alumni assistance
  • Peer collaboration
  • etc.

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CompTIA Academy

WVUP is partnered with CompTIA, a globally known IT certification industry. Certifications can assist with obtaining more knowledge in a specific field, along with giving you a competitive edge on your resume. Since CompTIA is globally known, many IT jobs will require you to obtain a certification, with some basic ones being the Network + or ComptiA A+.

Each test will cost a few hundred dollars, but as a CompTIA Academy you will gain access to discounted vouchers. So get testing and check out the link below for more information!

Cisco Academy

As a Cisco Academy, students will be taught much of what Cisco has to offer. You will be working with Cisco routers and switches, along with being taught some of the basic protocols specific to Cisco. You can expect to take classes that will prepare you for the CCNA/CCNP, which are some really advanced networking certifications. While there is plenty of competing networking equipment on the market, if you are able to pass a Cisco class, you will more than be prepared to deal with networking in the real world! Check out all the resources available on the main website!

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