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Computer related jobs offered while attending WVUP


IT Help Desk

Who can apply?

Offered to both Computer Science and Computer Information Technology students as soon as they apply.

Tasks Involve

  • Reseting students passwords
  • Installing equipment such as desktops, printers, monitors, etc.
  • Creating user tickets
  • Answering calls from both students and college employees
  • Troubleshooting issues


For more information, contact Steve Roberts

  • Tutoring

    What is peer tutoring?

    The Tutoring Center is committed to providing students with an equitable opportunity to develop positive attitudes about themselves, their studies, and their learning skills.  The ultimate goal of tutoring is to guide students to independent learning where the student no longer relies upon the tutor.  

    Tasks Involved

    • Tutor subject/subjects recommended by faculty.
    • Tutor group, individual, or drop-in sessions.
    • Tutor must make every effort to create an open and supportive learning environment for all tutees.
    • Tutor must be professional and cooperate with the Tutoring Center staff and all WVU-P faculty.
    • Tutor must follow all Tutoring Center Policies.
    • Tutor must hold all student information in strict confidence.
    • Tutor documents daily for each tutoring session. These records include attendance, progress of tutees, and content area tutored.
    • Tutors receive evaluations each semester.

    Who can apply?

    • Students should have an ‘A’ in the subject they wish to tutor (B’s will suffice as long as the Dean of the department approves)
    • Receive a faculty recommendation (form provided by Tutoring Center)
    • 18 or older
    • Be a current student
    • Potential tutors should be familiar with acknowledging the four different forms of learning to best assist students – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and reading/writing.
    • Have strong communication skills as well as patience, positivity, and the technical knowledge needed to assist students.
    • Maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher


    CS Learn and Earn

    What is the CS Learn and Earn?

    The CS Learn and Earn is a programming job offered to a select number number of CS sophomores. Students will develop applications for the college, but as an extra bonus the web application will also go towards the students Capstone Project. You will get a ton of hands on experience that can be great on a resume!

    Who can apply?

    Offered to Computer Science students entering their 3rd semester.

    Tasks Involve

    • Creating website applications using ASP.NET
    • Developing websites such as this in WordPress
    • Using the coding skills you have gathered so far to complete various programming tasks
    • Study material required for completing the task you are given. (This is my personal favorite)


    For more information, contact Charles Almond

  • CIT Learn and Earn

    What is the CIT Learn and Earn?

    The Learn and Earn program offers WVU Parkersburg students the opportunity to participate in an internship, where they will gain work experience while completing their degree through a state-funded grant. The Learn and Earn program is sponsored by the West Virginia Community and Technical College System as part of the Workforce Development Initiative Program. It is an opportunity to create partnerships between business, industry and WVU Parkersburg by allowing interns to receive hands-on learning experience and employers to train future employees.

    Who can apply?

    • You must have successfully completed 12 credit hours
    • You must have a 2.0 GPA or higher
    • Your academic major must be related to the Learn & Earn you are wishing to participate in.


    How to apply for Learn and Earn

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